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Monorails & Planes for goods

Started by ROCAMBOLER529, July 03, 2017, 09:57:06 PM

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Ok if anyone dont like my idea of the 450km/h wagons for goods. You can post in this topic the comments of this 2nd idea of monorails: The Monorails will appear in January 2020 with 300km/h, similar to the Concept 1. It will cost $60.000 the locomotore and his wagons will cost $4.000 for goods and $6.000 for cooled goods. If you dont like the idea of the monorails i have a 3rd idea of planes: The planes will appear in 1990 with a velocity of 725km/h, similar of the Havilland Comet by raven. Its will cost $50.000 the plane for goods & $45.000 the plane for cooled goods. The planes will have the same capacity (50 goods or cooled) & they will dissapear in 2999 like the monorail.

by: ROCAMBOLER & The Argentian
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)


I would recommend the locomotive cost at least 150,000 and each car 75,000. The planes should cost 500,000 if not 1,000,000 as pak64 planes are practically free currently (a balance issue with the pakset).

Feel free to make some graphics for them, as half the issue with pak64 is there are few/no artists working on it anymore.


ok, the planes 4 goods will be necesary 4 the pak64 because i c that it has only 1 planes and it has a short period of time of life. Im very happy to announce the nexts planes for goods in the future called the AIRBUS BELUGA with a capacity of 100 goods and the AIRBUS BELUGA for COOLED with a 100 capacity of cooled food. The planes will be discovered in 1994 and it wont go to dissapear. Its going to have the names of ROCAMBOLER 529 & The Argentian.

by: ROCAMBOLER529 & The Argentian.
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)