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25 dirt road!! the most useful route?

Started by ROCAMBOLER529, December 02, 2017, 12:30:28 AM

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The 25 dirt route is useful but how much time is useful? In the first year (1400) appear 25 the dirt road that its very useful until undeterminated year!! This have his cause with the horses & the goods than its doesnt have speed bonus like the concrete or the wasted!! This route is very economy also in 2050 with the growth of cities or the goods just mencioned... So... Could it be that the 25 dirt route is the most useful of the pak64?

The Argentian (Argentina Empire)
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)


It is way too slow. Even if it turns out to be the most profitable, I'd need insanely many vehicles to keep the flow going. It is only usable for small side roads to some minor tourist attraction.

Infrastructure cost seems insignificant in pak64 anyway.