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We recruiting for our team

Started by NNW, December 03, 2017, 09:27:36 AM

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We need graphic designers for the carpool and the buildings, as well as someone who likes to "push numbers" - our economic system is still a permanent construction plant - or "creating/translating texts".
If you like our package and want to participate in its development, then write us here or in the German forum by PM your request to Michelstadt, Pumuckl999, NNW.


I like a lot the game, and i have desire to help. I like drax cars and buidongs. I don't know, what i need to make pictures, I Can help us?


Thank you for your request. Every team member helps the way he is able to. So what are your abilities or interests?


Hello, my interest are draw cars and , if you need, buildings


Have you got some experiences on drawing or even 3D-modelling? Otherwise you may start with some simple drawing tasks. We will help you of course.

(Sorry for the delay on answering.)


I dont have experience in 3D draws only in 2D, I can start in simple drawing tasks  :)


That's ok. I will send you some vehicle graphics by pm which need night view windows.