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Global UI scaling?

Started by AP, December 10, 2017, 05:21:44 PM

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I understand from asking in the Extended forum, that there may be a way to scale the User Interface in Simutrans.  Apparently it's not part of Extended, rather inherited from Standard.

How do I do it? I can't seem to find the option anywhere.

I recently started using a new monitor setup and everything in simutrans is "too small" now.



You have to select a large gui theme: main menu -> display -> select theme (wide button in first line of window).
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Starting the .exe with the '-autodpi' argument (and GDI or SDL2 backends only) will scale the game based on your OS configured scaling. Of course this type of scaling only really works with integral factors - 2x, 3x, etc.  trying 1.25 gives unreadable text.
I started a patch to allow manually selecting the Simutrans scale independent of OS, but not finished...

The other option is to run the game fullscreen at a lower than native resolution - again best at integral factors.


There really aught to be another way of turning on autodpi than a command line argument. For most players, the command line is so foreign that such a feature may as well not exist.


Thanks for the help. To report back:

Dwachs' suggested option seems simply not to be present in Extended, I've queried why over in that subforum.

TurfIt's suggested option (-autodpi) doesn't yield useful results I'm afraid - not only is the text illegible, but the game map seems to 'clip' the game maps so you can't interact with a chunk of the terrain. Unsure if the latter issue is unique to Extended or not.

The "integer factor" point is 'an issue', because most people who would want to scale, are likely to want something like x1.25 or x1.33 or x1.5. I'm surprised the fonts don't scale (since in most applications they scale nicely), but then I know nothing about how the code works for such things.

Quote from: TurfIt on December 10, 2017, 06:29:41 PM
I started a patch to allow manually selecting the Simutrans scale independent of OS, but not finished...
If it's not a terribly complex thing to do, there might be interest from other players as well in seeing such a thing developed. In my case it isn't about eyesight (per se), rather about the pixel density of my display . I know there are many other priorities however.


Simutrans doesn't use fonts like other applications. Or rather like other applications made this millennium (and some from before). Simutrans' fonts are more like fonts were done in the 1980s. (The 1990s was a mix between old style and new style.)