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replace stop crash

Started by pletiplot, March 16, 2009, 02:27:46 AM

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1) open a schedule of train with waypoints and keep it opened.
2) select replace stop tool
3) try to move the waypoint to other tile on the same track.
=> crash.



OK, I tried it once again and there is some specification.
1) create a line with waypoints
2) assign a train to it and let it run
3) open a schedule of the train (not schedule of the line) and keep it opened
4) try to move a waypoint with stop replace tool.

I did it on a new track in a new game. I mean the replace stop tool from special menu. I lost 5 hours of gaming due this bug and I realy dont want to hear there is no bug  :o .(a propos, is some autosave in simutrans?)


Quote from: pletiplot on March 17, 2009, 01:14:40 AM
(a propos, is some autosave in simutrans?)
Yes, it has been there for years. You have to switch it on - edit for this.

Proposal: enable autosave by default (monthly?).

Isaac Eiland-Hall

(I seem to recall many questions about "why does my game freeze for a few seconds every so often?" - seems somewhere it was decided to *disable* autosave by default? hehe)


What version of simutrans ? Latest stabale 102.0 ? Or nightly version rxxxx ?


It worked for me too. Maybe a problem of the older versions?


I was having 0.101. Next time I will try 102. I even did not know the new stable is released.


I tried 102 and no crash, but sumetimes the schedule detach from line and the waypoint in schedule do not move.
Try it:
1) create a line with waypoints.
2) create a train and atach it to the line
3) open train's schedule and keep it open
4) move the waypoint with the special replace tool there and back


This cannot be handled correctly at the moment, as the schedule cannot be changed, since the current one is hold by the dialoge and not the convoi. Same would ouccur for other pending changes. Not sure that this can be easily changed.


OK, thank for the reply. Another item to MBOD (may be one day) TODO list


It has been alreadz changed, although for a short time, "no line" is shown during update.