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How do you name your routes?
« on: December 22, 2017, 04:21:48 PM »
I'd like to know how you name your routes?
I use this system:
First I write the transport type: B (bus) S (ship) R (regional train) U (urban train) IR (train between regions) HS (high speed train) LR (light rail) T (tram) A (plane) M (goods train/bus)
Then I write the first and last station name, or instead a route name (e.g.: R San Luca or R Town1 - Town2)
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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2017, 05:17:13 PM »
For intercity passenger routes, I use the name of the two cities at either end, joined by a hyphen. On very rare occasions, it serves three cities, in which case the name is three names joined by hyphens.
For intracity passenger train lines, I use the name of the city plus "Local". If there are more, which is rare, I would add a running number. Intracity bus and tram lines have the name of the city plus a number. Intracity mail lines are made up of city name, "Mail" and a running number. Passenger and mail lines serving factories and attractions outside the city proper have the name of the factory or attraction rather than a number. If the line manages to serve more than one, I will use some descriptive word like "Hills" or "Industries". If necessary, I will add a running number as well.

Goods lines will be named for the destination city, the type of goods and, if necessary, a running number. Sometimes, multiple lines are needed to get the goods all the way. Usually because I use trucks for the final leg inside the city, but it can also be because I use ships to cross some water. In that case, the lines will have "A", "B", etc. right after the number. Some boxed goods lines may operate more like passenger lines, with goods of different type to and from multiple places on the same train, in which case I use a similar naming to passenger lines, but with "Goods" after the city names. If mail has been split from passengers late in the game, mail lines are the same, just with "Mail".

In addition, my trains are named after the lines they serve, postfixed by a running number. Ships have proper names. Other vehicles just use the default name.

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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 02:50:56 PM »
I keep the initial number, that I find very practical, and add details, like "(1) Coal Zeebrugge Auckland", or "(497) Air Vladivostok Brasilia". enough, and practical.

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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2017, 02:42:26 AM »
I do similarly as you.

I write transportation system first,
for example:
AIR for plane,
AIR HELICOPTER for helicopter,
BUS for intracity bus, intracity trolleybus or intracity bi-articulated bus,
BUS AREA for bus, trolleybus or bi-articulated bus of region, intercity,
BUS BRT for bus rapid transit,
BUS CABLE for aerial lift,
BUS HIGHWAY for highway bus ,
BUS MRT for rubber-tyred mass rapid transit,
CARGO for any freight by truck, train,ship or plane,
FERRY for ocean shipping or canal,
MLM for maglev,MLM from,
MONO for monorail,
TRAIN for conventional rail,
TRAIN COMMUTER for regional commuter train,
TRAIN HSR for high speed train,
TRAIN MRT for railroad mass rapid transit,
TRAIN SHINKANSEN for shinkansen(新幹線, new trunk line, from Japanese) train,
TRAIN SUBWAY for underground train,
TRAM for streetcar or light rail.

then the second,
city code of the first station is put,
I numbered every city a code so that the route is sorted by city code.

At late,
the purpose of the route and the city name which the first and last station is at,
It may be "city A to city H regional bus line", "city A - city D - city H express train line" or "city A to city H coal truck line".
But I use another number code for intracity route.
So it may be "city A canal line 02" or "city B intracity bus line 63B".


Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #4 on: January 23, 2018, 09:05:33 PM »
oh well nothing difficult

cityname-cityname, for air, routes, rail, ships, monorails, maglevs & street cars between cities of passengers.
cityname for buses, street cars, monorails & maglevs for local lines of passengers.
cityname-cityname M for air, busus, railways, ships, monorails, maglevs & street cars between cities of mails.
cityname M for street cars, buses, monorails & maglevs for local lines of mails.
cityname-stop/tourist attraction/industrie, for buses street cars, monorails, maglevs between a city & a stop combination, tourist attraction or an industrie for passengers
cityname-stop/tourist attraction/industrie M, for buses, street cars, monorails, maglevs between a city & a stop combination, tourist attraction or an industrie for mails

Goodname (number) for railways, trucks & ships of goods example; paper (01); paper (02); wood (01)...
CARGO (number) for air that it contains goods example; Cargo (01); Cargo (02); Cargo (03)...

and thats all

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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2018, 07:01:21 AM »
Cityname-Number for Innercity Routes
Cityname-Cityname for Route between Cities
Start point-Ending point-Good name for Cargo routes

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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #6 on: March 09, 2018, 03:56:59 PM »
Hello everybody,

It's my first message here in the forum  ;D

Me, I name very aleatory my routes, but that follows a little bit the Parisian lines:

For trains, I use the "RER" names, like RER A and after I write the names of the initial and end cities of the line. I use trains only for long distances, so it's not two or more train stations in a same city.

For metros, i list all the line with numbers and each station receive a noun of a personality (like Albert Einstein). For each line I write so a number and the initial and terminus station.

For buses, I have listed each city with a number. Normally, I use bus lines only in a city, they don't connect two cities (it has some exceptions). So I list the bus lines with the number of the cities service and two others numbers. In big cities, I try (i repeat, I TRY) to list with zones to in the third number. So I have XXYZ, XX or XXX (I have 150 cities, something like that) for the city number, Y listed if I have zones and Z for the number of the line.

For airplanes, I just write the name of the cities connected by the airline, normally only two.

That's all for me. Sorry about my english!
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Re: How do you name your routes?
« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2018, 01:57:04 PM » player here.
I use a random city's name for the line. I mention every line that the train passes through.
Then I separate the fast and slow trains (sometimes I add names for the express trains)
After that I add the terminals if it only serves for a part of the line.

For trucks I currently use 'A-B Delivery Truck'