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Author Topic: Bauernhof_n missing/erroneous rotation images; Bauernhof_n fehlende/fehlerhafte  (Read 6591 times)

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Offline captain crunch

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EN: The Bauernhof_n (farms) objects seem to have missing or erroneous rotation images, cf. attached images.
I am using the latest (unofficial) pak64.german.

DE: Die Bauernhof_n Objekte scheinen fehlende oder fehlerhafte Bildrotationen zu haben, vgl. die angehÃĪngten Bilder.
Ich benutze das letzte (inoffzielle) pak64.german.

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These objects are corrupted since there is rotation. So far there was no substitute for it. ( Missing grafics )

This will be changed in the next version by 3x3 objects.

The views are not missing but the section in the dialog is too small. It does not display the entire footprint.
The dialog show image[0][0], image[0][1] and image [1][0].

Build it, it is there too.

Although the objects have 3x3/3x4 but not all fields are occupied.
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Offline captain crunch

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I see. Thanks in advance!