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Steam Workshop Upload is not working

Started by Killerzwerg, January 08, 2018, 04:35:57 AM

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Hey Guys,
I tried a lot of times to upload a map, but it only worked 1 time, when the file size was 3mb, any greater file sizes are not working...
If I upload my map with 50mb I get an empty workshop item.

Is it possible, there´s a limited time I can upload?
Every try, it´s aborting after about 5 seconds^^

If so, could anyone update the uploadtime to 5 minutes?
There are maps with 50mb in the workshop, so there shouldn´t be a upload-size limit, right?
(I have created maps for other games with about 3gb)


Maybe try the Steam forum, because very few experienced Steam users are on this forum.