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Started by hymie, January 19, 2018, 12:44:18 AM

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Greetings.  I'm getting back into Simutrans after some time away.

I have a Car Shop in Pinebury.  I would like to drive up consumption by delivering passengers and mail.  The Car Shop claims that "Customers live in ... 116 (psgrs) 46 (mail) Pinebury."

Does that mean that I specifically have to have a bus to take passengers/mail from other places in Pinebury to the Car Shop?

What happens if Pinebury just isn't that big, and I can build one bus station that covers the entire town, including the Car Shop, Town Hall, and pretty much every house?  Does this mean that I can't get my passengers to the Car Shop?  Would it be better to build three inefficient bus stops along the edges of town, so that I can bring passengers around?



Under old logic passengers and mail that "walked" did not count as arriving and did not count towards industry boost so covering the entire town in a huge stop would result in 0 boost from both passengers and mail. However a while ago this was changed so that walking passengers and mail (hand delivered by someone walking) do count as being delivered so do provide appropiate boosts to both growth and industry production rate.

Eventually the plan is to have some penalty that making stops that cover an entire city would not be a viable game strategy, however that has yet to come to be.

In Extended passengers implicitly walk to industries that are nearby and the penalty for a huge stop is transit time which might put off passengers.