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Fare Prices

Started by fam621, January 20, 2018, 05:31:43 PM

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So, with the prices feature now added to Simutrans Extended. There is now the First Class feature in the passengers and mail classes board. But however, running costs are quite high (especially obsolete vehicles) and I've found out that having Very Low fares dont really work out well and that I (the operator) is losing money. What is actually the recommended price to charge people (and the rough price of that fare)?


I should note that the costs for all items in the pakset have yet to be balanced; that is awaiting a significant amount of work to add additional features to allow balancing to be done properly. That is the priority for this year (aside from bug fixing), although I anticipate it taking at least most of the rest of the year, if not beyond.
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Generally faster modes of transport will cost more to run so only be suitable for higher paying passengers.

For example the first jumbo jets will likely only carry medium and high passengers profitably. The Concord might only carry Very High passengers to make a profit. As time progresses speed for the very low also increases, so more modern jet aircraft might be able to offer Low and Very Low slots.


Okay but what is recommended for use on trains?


It depends on what kind of trains you have. If it is commuter trains (stopping every stop, perhaps multiple stops within each city) then use as "low" or "very low". If it is intercity trains or other high speed trains (only stopping once per city or maybe not at all at some cities), set it to "medium" and "high", and if you get excessive amounts of passengers, or you see that you have many "very high" wealth passenger, raize the uppermost class to "very high".

Then adjust, looking at who is actually using your trains.



I tend to run a network that's based solely on "Very Low" prices. I have one single line that runs a "Low" service. My maps are large (6400x1280), with towns far apart and few urban areas. Currently in 1908, I have most of the map connected.

I've contemplated changing prices, but there are too few passengers that are willing to pay for "Medium" that I can't justify raising fares.

If people are interested, I can upload a save.


Okay I'd like to see the map


Here is a link. I'm currently fighting my way back to solvency due to traffic jams decimating ridership numbers.


Cant access it because its blocked for me. Can you maybe upload it onto the simutrans germany files page please?


The site isn't accepting of my files. I've tried a few formats, but none are satisfying to the server. The UL link will have to suffice.


Quote from: DrSuperGood on January 20, 2018, 09:22:22 PM
Generally faster modes of transport will cost more to run so only be suitable for higher paying passengers.

The Concord might only carry Very High passengers to make a profit.

Just a little anecdote.

During the first year of flights BA were only charging about £3000 per ticket and were losing millions of pounds. They were seriously thinking of scrapping it. So they appointed a senior pilot (who had bombarded the board with suggestions during the first year)  to do a review as to why they were losing money. He had a year to turn it around.

He hired a marketing company to speak to passengers about the flights and what they thought it cost.

Suprisingly most people thought it cost between £15,000 and £25,000. They never booked the tickets - their companies did.

The marketing companies solution - "advertise how little (relatively)  it actually costs". To get more passengers.

The senior pilots solution - ignore  the marketing companies solution and charge them what they think it costs.

Within a year Concorde was in profit.


What is the best price setting to place train lines on (what you think works for you)