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Schedule features: technical discussion

Started by jamespetts, January 22, 2018, 11:15:36 PM

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Thank you for your report. I think I fixed them.

Editing the schedule will not corrupt the data, but opening the consist order dialog and editing anything will prevent the save from loading.
Editing the consist order and committing it to the schedule_t seems to break the second and subsequent vehicle descriptions.
Also, if you change the entry and re-edit the consist order without closing the schedule dialog, the second and subsequent vehicles will not be acquired correctly. Temporary recording also doesn't seem to work correctly.
char vehicle_name[512];
file->rdwr_str(vehicle_name, 512);
const vehicle_desc_t* desc = vehicle_builder_t::get_info(vehicle_name);
if(desc == nullptr)
desc = vehicle_builder_t::get_info(translator::compatibility_name(vehicle_name));
vehicle_description.specific_vehicle = desc;

According to the error when saving and loading, an error occurs at this point.
vehicle_desc_t may not be written or read correctly.
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Quote from: jamespetts on November 06, 2022, 12:24:02 PMWe are missing a UI for the target_id_condition_trigger, target_id_couple, target_id_uncouple and target_unique_entry_uncople data. These data are intended to be used for schedule bifurcation and concatenation.
Quote from: Ves on March 18, 2018, 01:17:19 AMThe couple and uncouple commands along with the specific line and convoy target id trigger I have not touched upon yet, I had an idea that some of this either was done automatically by the GUI, alternatively if it is needed, the commands could live in the modify convoy window, to have more overview there. Or do you think otherwise?

What more functions exists in this manner that would fit well into the schedule window?

The target_id things seem to have been mentioned a bit earlier, but there doesn't seem to be a detailed explanation of how this works.
Also, Ves didn't do the work of implementing these into the UI as mentioned above, which is why it was overlooked.
What helps implement this is the relationship between those parameters and wait_for_trigger and broadcast_trigger_on_arrival.

Quote6. It would be helpful if the vehicle picker could automatically prevent invalid combinations in the same way as the depot window does.
Added as an option. Enabled by default.

    * If this is set to true, the vehicle slot is empty.
    * This means that it is permissible for the convoy as
    * assembled by this consist order to have no vehicle
    * in this slot.
    bool empty = true;
I'm wondering if the consist order connectable status display (like the depot dialog) will be rendered difficult by this feature. For example, it usually shows the connectivity of adjacent cars, but it doesn't make sense if the next car is skipped.

Quote7. It would be helpful if the vehicle picker could show whole consist data (e.g., maximum speed, power, weight, etc). for the consist as modified
Previous versions did not implement editor. An editor has been added to the third tab. Did you mean something like this?

Issue: gui_numberinput_t can only handle up to sint32, so UINT32MAX in vehicle description input cannot be handled correctly
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I have spent some time investigating the issue relating to the transmission of consist order data and have fixed a number of issues relating to this. I have not tested this fully yet, but the functionality appears to be working in at least some basic tests now.

It would be helpful if you could do some testing on this to see if I have missed anything. Thank you.
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Quote from: jamespetts on November 20, 2022, 04:55:14 PMIt would be helpful if you could do some testing on this to see if I have missed anything.
If you edit the consistent order of multiple entries, only the first one will be restored after closing the schedule dialog. So save not working properly.
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