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Bug: Replace panel sell feature does not sell off convoys.

Started by DrSuperGood, February 12, 2018, 02:28:10 AM

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This has been a long running bug, ever since the old multiplayer map several years ago.

The convoy replacement panel allows one to select multiple convoys at once, eg all servicing the same line. One can then break this pool down randomly into sub pools depending what one wants to happen to the convoys. There are 3 available sub pools.

Replace <- Convoys are immediately scheduled for replacement with the new configuration.
Sell <- Convoys are immediately scheduled for withdrawal, unless the "Retain in depot" flag is selected in which case they are scheduled to go to depot instead.
Skip <- Convoys get ignored, nothing happens to them.

The bug is that even if "Retain in depot" is not selected, which is its default state, convoys marked for sell will still be scheduled to depots rather than scheduled to be withdrawn.

If this is the intentional behaviour then "Sell" should be renamed to "Depot" or something more relevant.

Seeing how selling obsolete convoys is often a useful behaviour, I would recommend scheduling them for withrdrawl. Only if "Retain in depot" is selected then they are scheduled to depot like currently.

Additionally a new flag option "dissasemble" should be added which automatically disassembles the convoys upon entering the depot, so as not to clog up the convoy selection pulldown or force manual disassembly. Disassemble might become implicit with future convoy recombination features so possibly can be ignored.


Thank you for your feedback. The convoy replacer tool's existence, purpose and functioning is currently under review as part of the wider changes to the way in which convoys are scheduled, discussed in more detail here and here.

As current plans are for a system in which convoys can be disassembled in depots and re-assembled automatically, a feature that replaces convoys that are currently in a particular configuration of vehicles with another particular configuration of vehicles may not be very useful. However, I have not yet worked out whether there will still be situations in which this tool, or something very like it into which it can be refashioned, will still be the most useful way of doing things. Even if the replacer tool is retained, it is likely to be reworked significantly, but quite how I will not be sure until much more work has been done on the schedule features.

The consequence of all that is that, if there is a specific implementation bug (rather than design flaw) in this feature and it is simple to fix, I may well be able to deal with this in the short-term, but, otherwise, any design changes will have to await the completion of the schedule features.

Incidentally, I should be very grateful for any feedback that you might have as to the possible future relationship between the schedule features in progress and the replacer tool.
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