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Suggestion: Re-definitions of the “way-constraint” texts in Simutrans-Extended

Started by Phystam, February 14, 2018, 02:28:43 AM

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Hello translators and everyone!
I am now planning a modification in "way-constraint" texts in Simutrans-Extended.
I would explain the modification here.
Currently, the text shows only way-constraint, like
Prohibitive 1
However, I faced on a trouble when I translate it. Because these texts are shared with all of waytypes.
I could not identify which waytype is used.
So, for example, if you write a translation .tab file like

Prohibitive 1
DC Catenary

However if this prohibitive constraint number is used for other waytype, such as canals, then Simutrans indicates "Restrictions: DC Catenary" on canal information window!
Therefore I developed a patch in order to identify which waytype is used. In my modification, I added a waytype number before constraint number, like this:
Prohibitive 2-1
The number 2 means this waytype is "railway track". Even if you assigned same constraint number for other
waytypes, for instance
Prohibitive 3-1
for canals. They will not conflict in translation :)
But it means that you translators have to re-translate them. Is it acceptable for you?