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Modifying paks from source, who owns the copyright?

Started by vilvoh, August 17, 2008, 09:53:54 PM

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I guess this is a quite common situation, and even now when somebody ask me about it I still have doubts.

First of all, a Hajo's quote from the old forum
Formerly Simutrans was freeware (no cost, but closed source). Now the sourcecde is available under the artistic license.

Please note that graphics are not included in this change. Graphics have been created or donated "to be used with Simutrans", but we have no rights to further open their use. You'll have to negotiate this with the graphics artists separately.

Now, the problem I have is that I would like to create a new object using one from the SVN (more specifically, three new road types) Therefore, I'll have to modify the original png file. My doubt is who is the copyright owner of the new object? The original author or the new creator?

According to the quote above, and if I haven't read wrong, you need original's author permission to publish new objects based on those ones. Some authors, like Raven, gave permission to use all their material as you wish. Others have dissapeared or it's almost impossible to put in contact with them.

If we consider the last case, it's not enough just with mentioning the original author and publishing the source files (png+dat) too? Should we consider SVN graphics as templates?

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If you mean adding new roadtypes to a bridge, say, then it may be a good opportunity to create some entirely new graphics (always nice to do that).
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That's not what I mean but It's a good idea. The thing is that I wouldn't like to start from scratch. I think the current road graphics are good enough but we need new ones (with streetlights, reflective tacks or fences) so I would like to take them as a starting point if it's possible.

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Which pak these roads will be made for? I have a road template for pak64. Also graphics.simutrans has templates too.


This one:

which I guess is copyrighted by Hajo (link to dat file)

# faster roads should be more expensive
# Hajo: no icon => no menu entry! <===========
# rbis * animation

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With puting the graphics on sourceforge, they are also under the Artistic Licence.


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...