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Error looking for a translated text - Simutrans extended

Started by Milko, March 14, 2018, 10:56:00 AM

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If I look for a translated text I get error:

SQL error: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
SELECT * FROM `translations_101` t WHERE MATCH(t.tr_text) AGAINST('posta') AND  t.language_language_id='it'   ORDER BY t.object_obj_name ASC;
Zeile : 330 Funktion : db_query
SQL error

The configuration used is as follows:
Simutrans-extended, All objects, Italian language, show all, text to found = "posta".

I have no problem selecting "Base text".



Frank made some changes to direction.php.
Unfortunately he does not use latest version, and thereby had taken back changes made by me.

-    $sort = 't.object_obj_name COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci';
-    $suche = "LCASE(t.tr_text) LIKE '%".db_real_escape_string($sr_string2)."%' ";
+    $suche = "MATCH(t.tr_text) AGAINST('".$sr_string."')";