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[TUTORIAL] How to make (a) siding(s)/loop(s) for pass./goods trains

Started by fam621, March 18, 2018, 08:30:00 PM

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Do you not know how to make sidings or loops? Well! Look no further! Because, you have found a cure to that problem! By following this step by step guide, you will know how to make a siding or a loop for either passenger or freight trains.

Step 1: Location.

Location is really important, because you don't want to be locating your sidings either too far from the Station or a Industry. So as seen in this picture (below), I place a small section of track not far away from this station and this is a good idea if you cant expand your station for one reason or another. So, I have placed a section of track as said not far from the station and added a crossover so that it can be accessible to both the up and down lines. Also, add one way signs onto the track (facing the direction of running) so that, trains don't go onto the incorrect line and cause a conflict with another train.

Step 2: Adding the siding to the line.

Now the line has been built, we can now add the siding. Go into railway tools (shown on the picture below) and then click on the goods siding and then click on the section of track of which you want it placed on.

Step 3: Renaming and signalling.

Now that the siding has been placed on the line. It is now time to rename the siding and add signal(s). The first thing you need to do is add signals because you don't want to have renamed the siding and add the relevant line(s) serving it and then when its departing the siding(s) it goes back to the Drive by Sight working. So, go to the signalling centre for which the line (which its branching off) is controlled from and click on the signalling centre and then go back to the siding and add the signal.

Now after doing all of that, you can rename the siding to the relevant name.

Now you can add the line(s) which will serve the siding and its ready to go! Thanks for reading and I hope you got to know how to add (a) siding(s)/goods loop(s)!