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Author Topic: Bug: Bad drive by sight logic at end of signalling.  (Read 1165 times)

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Bug: Bad drive by sight logic at end of signalling.
« on: March 19, 2018, 03:47:37 AM »
With the introduction of the Railway policeman's cottage one should be able to use some basic signalling to increase the maximum speed of trains from 35 km/h in drive by sight (and less when approaching corners or hills) to their top maximum speed. Well that is the theory at least. If not for the fact they are extremely buggy...

This is the last of 2 bug reports.

When a convoy reaches a drive by sight sign it has no choice but to revert to drive by sight for safe operation. This means that at the exact point a drive by sight signal is passed it must be obeying the drive by sight rules including 35km/h top speed and obeying vision rules when reserving blocks. Since these signs are static and always show 1 aspect the driver is well aware in advance by what time he must be using drive by sight rules so does not need to come to a complete stop for them.

However this does not happen. Instead the convoy will completely stop to as good as 0km/h when approaching a drive by sight signal before it reverts back to drive by sight. Seeing how this requires using the breaks earlier as well as accelerating from a stop is slow this is not very good for line average speed. Slowing down to 35km/h or whatever the drive by sight rules permit saves considerable time.

Basically the train should break to pass the drive by sight signal to exactly the maximum drive by sight speed and start applying drive by sight block reservation rules from before the drive by sight signal. Drive by sigh mechanics should then follow on from that and apply additional breaking if required.

This bug is possibly quite minor due to the limited use cases of such signals, especially considering how slow drive by sight is in the first place.
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