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Control the directions of a traffic light by buttons

Started by THLeaderH, March 25, 2018, 05:36:32 AM

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Hello, everyone :)
I made a patch that control the directions of a traffic light by buttons as figure_1.jpg shows.
In the current simutrans, a vehicle cannot turn right in a intersection with traffic lights that consists of more than one tile like figure_2.jpg because the signal of back side blocks a right turn. With this patch, a proper setting of a traffic light enables the right turn.
The translations of "Set phases" in various languages are not nice for this patch, so the improvement is requested.
The patch is r8412 based.


Well, but at such a traffic light, traffic can never pass straight through then in the right turn direction. Hence the introduction of cycle length, so one could intentionally detune them.


For proper dual carriage way operation, traffic lights would need to group together and function like a single unit like crossings do. (Although I find traffic lights pretty much useless in Simutrans. Intersections in Simutrans are much more costly than in the real world no matter what.)