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Let's talk about trees

Started by uci, April 17, 2018, 07:06:08 PM

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I noticed several high altitude trees in pak128 are not used in forests (DistributionWeight=0). Probably because they have no winter image.

I want to resurrect two of them: tree120 and tree121. I "winterized" their images and here are the results.

An in-game screenshot.

I attached modified .png and .dat files.

The rest of unused trees are pretty oversized, so I do not plan to touch them. ;)


At first sight, they don't look the same as other trees when covered in snow. Other trees have patches of snow while the ones you changed have a uniform white shade. Your effort is appreciated but graphics need to stay as consistent as possible.


No problem, they can stay as addons. Or maybe someone have a better touch on them.


You could do the following in some graphics editor:

* add the summer image as bottom layer
* add the winter one as another layer
* make the winter one transparent except for the tree itself
* remove some pieces of the winter tree, presumably such that the dark is at bottom of the branches

The last step is where some artistic license and experimentation comes in, but it might turn out better.

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