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add hand-English road in pak128. Possible?

Started by sheldon_cooper, June 05, 2016, 04:53:30 PM

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Hello, I wanted to know if you have to play with two different types of steering roads? I want Diser, pak128 game but wanted to add the English-hand and play with the two directions, right, (conventional pak128 ja) and the left (the pak128.Britain)


This is not possible. All roads are the same direction on a map.


If you want to play with driving on the left:
In your Simutrans installation, simutrans/pak128/config/ look for "drive_left" and set its value to 1. You can also modify this option when starting a new game: in the new game window, click the "settings" button, the drive left option should be in the first tab.

If you want to play with both driving sides in the same game: I don't think it's possible.


You can switch sides during the game, but if you set the wrong side, some objects may appear awkward: bus stops, crossroads, some road signs.


Simutrans is largely developed by mainland Europeans so unfortunately left hand driving was not a really high priority. It seems it was partially added as a feature but it seems some art related parts to it are currently missing (such as logic to deal with road demarcations and bus stop sprite images? I really am not sure). Until recently, or maybe even still signs and signals do not work well outside the designed drive side.

Pak64 and 128 are best used with right hand side driving as that is what is used on mainland Europe. Pak128 Britain should be best with left hand side driving as that is what is used in the UK so it would make sense for pakset authors to design around it.

Mechanically it makes no difference whatever it is set to as all convoys should function the same (I do not think any part factors in drive side other than for art).


From what I understand, this possibility is zero, because the game engine is already configured for one or the other, not both.
But in a future ahead, it may be possible with new updates and if someone has the idea to do this? Or, this work is more complex than you can imagine?


Yes,now two different types of steering roads is possible.
overtaking mode-> inverted: Lane is reversed.
you can set the road: one segment in twoway mode and the other segment in inverted mode.