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Introduce yourself to the community

Started by IgorEliezer, January 26, 2009, 04:06:36 AM

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Khaki Cap

Quote from: Roboron on July 03, 2022, 07:10:06 AMYes, a PM is fine. You can find the function at the top bar.
Sent the PM but not sure if you recieved it
~Khaki Cap~


Hello from Greece.
I remember i played simutrans several years ago. Since i can recall me watching a successful transport system i didn't want to alter so as not to break it, I believe I was playing the standard version and not the experimental one.
My hobbies are mathematics and a little of programming only when i need it. I live exclusively in linux systems and in termux on androids. I like challenges, so i like simutrans experimental, as it is for sure i cannot beat it. I will enjoy the road till the point i can get.
I wish you successful designs of transportation networks  ;)
(I just uploaded a file in but i see it as of unknown owner despite the fact i had the impression i logged in with the same nick and  password i use here. I do not see 'sign in' there. If you hello me back and know, inform me about accounts in that site)


Hello.I'm kitasumi(きたすみ) and I'm Japanese.

I like railway passenger cars of Japan and Europe.
These days I make addons of locomotives and passenger cars for pak128.