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15.x miscellaneous features requiring UI additions

Started by jamespetts, November 05, 2022, 09:20:11 PM

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I thought that it might be helpful to catalogue here the miscellaneous features (i.e., features other than the schedule features discussed here) in 15.x that require some additional UI work so that the UI development team (i.e., Ranran, Ranran and Ranran) can assist as necessary. I will update this as necessary.

Interest rate

In 14.x and below, there was a fixed interest rate for overdrafts of, by default, 10%. From 15.x onwards, there will be a variable base rate (changing over time as specified in, with overdraft rates a fixed percentage (e.g. 2%) above that base rate. In 15.x, overdrafts will be the only use of the base rates, but, in future versions, it is planned to add other forms of borrowing with their own interest rates linked to the base rate.

It would be useful to have a graph somewhere showing interest rates.


Similarly, many different prices change with time according to settings in It would be very helpful to have graphs showing the change of these prices with time.

Corporation tax

From version 15.x onwards, player companies will pay corporation tax. This will vary with time according to data set in Thus, players will need both to see a history of corporation tax rates and also to see how much that they have actually been paying in corporation tax, the latter in the finances window.
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