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Author Topic: Incorporating changes from Standard  (Read 8477 times)

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Re: Incorporating changes from Standard
« Reply #140 on: September 14, 2020, 02:20:56 AM »
Easiest to obtain minupnpc is using the script from the standard technical documentation for MINGW64. Apart from downloading, it also compiles the lib files for MSVC and has all the h files.,20271.0.html

However, minupnpc is only relevant if someone wants to set up a server at home behind a router and does not want to set up port forwarding by hand. With the large extended savegame size, ADSL is not very well suited for that, so one could as well set USE_PNP=0 and postpone this for normal development.

The github built for standard also contain provisions for freetype see here (Librotli is also broken on Mingw, and this is needed by freetype):

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Re: Incorporating changes from Standard
« Reply #141 on: September 14, 2020, 11:20:14 AM »
Imho, the server build should usually be built without upnpc. It's simply unusual to run a headleass server at home and even if someone wanted to do this, he will most likely know how to setup port forwarding.

In case, nightlies of the client should be compiled with it.
Many home internet connections got 50 Mbit/s upstream, which is still more than enough, given we got players with much less downstream playing actively on bridgewater.