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"Other" in finance window

Started by Ves, May 08, 2018, 10:16:22 PM

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I found out that I have a really big negative value in the "other" category (its called "other", you can choose "All", "Truck", "Train" etc). Its very big and is draining my profit quite bad on the servergame. The "Revenue" of it has been down as low as -125.497 credits!!
I had no clue as to what the "other" category is and what generated such huge numbers, so I looked in the code and there was a comment that this category would be for all those infrastructure which was shared between waytypes, like houses. I dont know what more is fitting that category. Since my negative revenue has been fluctuating extremely much during the months, it must be something more than just houses...?

All in all, it is not very clear what "other" mean, and it is VERY confusing that you have a negative revenue. Adding to that, there is also a negative value in the infrastructure post which has been much more consisten over the last months.

So, finally some questions:
What is in the "other" category?
Is something meassured wrong since we get negative revenue?
What can be done (except updating the helptexts.....) to make it more clear?

Could it be refunds? I guess I have had quite alot of that recently.....


Yes, refunds record under "other" because there is no specific transport type associated with refunds. There is not an obvious alternative to recording this as revenue other than having a separate refunds category, which would require a significant investment of time in redesigning the player finance window.
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