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Lower industry consumer production.

Started by Dutchman on Rails, May 12, 2018, 03:11:39 PM

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Dutchman on Rails

First of all great work on Pak128.German! Probably the best-looking pakset out there.

One thing I'd like to see different though, and that is the production levels of consumer industries. These are I suppose based on the Pak.German and Pak128 model. This results in high production levels, for example a markt can have a production level of some 340/month, taking several block trains to feed the goods that can be consumed.

With Pak128.Britain(-ex) and myself also with a modified version of Pak.German I've had good experiences with much lower production levels (say, a markt having having a production level of 8/month). This results in one production industry (like a Klosterbrauerei) supplying multiple consumers, and also railways not automatically being the best form of land transport, trucks or even carts can be good too.

Included a save game from my Pak.German game, which has several of the low-procution industries.

Is this something that would be possible for Pak128.German too?