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Simutrans BGM Intro Quiz Match

Started by THLeaderH, May 26, 2018, 12:00:56 AM

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Hello everyone. I have an announcement about the event held online.
The simutrans BGM intro quiz match, called "Shunter League", is held on May 26th 21:00 JST.
The quiz match is broadcasted on YouTube.
The hashtag of this on twitter is #Shunter_League.

The chairman of this event is @Reti_N. If you want to join this quiz match, please contact him before the event begins. He will invite you to the discord channel.
※This event is held with Japanese.



Probably someone can explain the rules in English. Please join us!


Shunter League is coming, starting within 15 minutes!
The broadcast on YouTube has started. Let's have a exciting time together!

YouTube broadcast :
The hashtag of this on twitter is #Shunter_League.

This match consists of S1 league and S2 league.
S2 league is for beginners and S1 is for advanced competitors. Shunter League starts with S2 league. The winner of S2 league has the right to join S1 league.
S2 league starts from May 26th 21:10 JST, and S1 league starts from May 26th 22:00 JST. The starting time can be altered to some extent.

The rule

1. We will play 45 different Simutrans BGMs in a random order.
   (So, you will hear 45 of 46 BGMs.)
2. When a challenger gives a correct answer, he will achive 1 point.
3. After being played all BGMs, the person who has the most points will win the match!
4. Challengers can answer in "Music Title" or "Music Number".
5. When a challenger answers wrong or answers before the music start, he cannot answer until another challenger answers.