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Coding style

Started by An_dz, June 02, 2018, 06:34:27 AM

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QuoteAMIGA_OS requires IPV4_ONLY
Is the reason for this that Amiga does not support POSIX sockets?


Lacking an amiga, I do not know. But also the IP6 code for windows still require some defines. I think OS interacting code without defines is almost impossible, even different Linux flavour have that kind of trouble (like to font patchs show ...).


The point of POSIX compliant socket implementations is that they provide all the defines. Even if the IPv6 part does not work on the platform, the IPv4 part still should.

However it appears IPv6 macros are indeed optional so I guess they might not be defined. That said it may be possible to work around that with some cleaver macro usage. The big question still remains if Amiga supports POSIX sockets properly or not.