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Test for Exports from pak128 objects

Started by pumuckl999, June 08, 2018, 11:01:11 AM

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We test the printshop at first, you can see in screenshot-thread.

For the test I have removed the horse, the trees and snow.

textures (watch the suffix in filenames/ generally description, not only for the printshop):
diffuse map - used for each model, material of our object
....all other, as needed...
specular map - realizes some glare
normal map - to get some more details/ 3D-effects (I use of course no highpoly models to compute the nm-map. with a plugin works fine. But sometimes Google updates and we have to wait for a newer working version of the nm-plugin. So I have sometimes used bumpmaps [but also with suffix -nm])
opacity - only used if we have transparent parts in our model, suffix -tr.

Very rare I have used for testing also self illumination and reflection, refraction.

Since two (?) versions I also compute ambient occlusion. But in Max i use not an own map I multiply it in my photoeditor with diffuse map.
These models contains btw unique UV´s.

Datails (like the pedestrians in the print shop scenery)can use their own textures.

I use maps up to 4096x4096 pixels.