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A really mixed .Pak128.Sweden-Ex discussion

Started by emirkir, June 08, 2018, 05:10:41 PM

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So, I have uploaded my sources for the rest of the buildings, so you can just dive into it!

Im looking very much forward to see your progress on the house!  :)


Sorry, but I've been very inactive with my building...
Have had a lot of other work/stuff to do lately, and the house isn't the highest priority.
But I'm glad to say, the house is done and I'm currently working on the garden.
(Only first view, the others will be done much faster when I have a great looking design!)
I have also practiced modifying DAT's and png's to recolor and modify others vehicles so I'm getting the hang of vehicle-DAT's.

Thanks Ves! I'll check out the sources for your work later when I have time.
Just a question, how much bigger is the "square" in .pakSweden than in .pak128? (the pink grid on your work, that says how big lot you have to work with.)

Just curious, but how's it going with your Stadshus? :D






Im away on vacation myself, so I do not have any simutrans time at all for a couple of weeks. However, I read the forum as often I can :)

Yes, it is indeed the same tile base as the normal pak 128. In fact, the actual name of this pakset is pak128.Sweden-Ex which tells the user that this is 128 size (and it is for Extended).
It is theoretically possible to use any pak128 size graphics directly in this pakset, however the scale, style and alignments are potentially way off. Therefore it is not recommended to just mix the graphics without checking that it does indeed look good in this pakset too.

The house is very cute, well done! I do think you can work a bit more with the anti aliasing:
For instance, Look at the top and bottom of the windows, they are full color jaggered. They need to blend in with the white base of the house, by having successive more transparency closer to the edge of the window. Look at how I have done the windows in my sources. You will find that there are two transparent pixels, which is all you need. Also on the roof, I think the lines can both be anti aliased and be toned down drastically, since you would not see those shadows so big from many hundred meters up in the air. Check my sources layer by layer and you can see how big effect very very small and discrete stuff can do.

I would recommend you to copy parts that I have already created, for instance windows, window frames etc, just changing the color.
Whenever I create a new house or train, that is what I do. I copy the entire thing, and just change it layer by layer to what the new house or vehicle should be. That is much easier and saves a lot of time, and one can save the effort of inventing the wheel over and over again. :)

Well, I have not had much progress on the stadshus lately. The last thing I was doing was the base of the tower, which will be split directly between two tiles. Good thing with that building is that I only need to create half of it and then the other half can be automatically created by rotations and mirroring :)