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What happened to the Simutrans Forum website?

Started by fam621, February 28, 2018, 06:25:35 PM

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Hello guys. As you may be aware. The forum website went down for a bit. My question is: What happened to the Simutrans Forum website?


It wasn't really down, at least not all the time anyway, just a lot harder to reach. Someone has noticed that the IP address changed. That may take some time to propagate as DNS servers cache it, although I'm not sure that is all there is to it.


Now it's acting up again. I think it might be because is listed as one of the name servers resposible, but I can't get an IP address for it. The other listed nameserver,, is working, but probably only used about half the time.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

New server. Out of 193 websites that got copied over, 2 failed - the forum being one of them. That caused nameserver weirdness. d'oh!

The forum is now copied over after fixing the error that caused it to fail the first time.

I hand-checked more than 100 sites, so finally stopped and..... this fell through the cracks. Sorry! :(


Quote from: Isaac.Eiland-Hall on March 01, 2018, 09:03:07 PM
2 failed - the forum being one of them. (...). this fell through the cracks. Sorry! :(
That must be a wide like a hell of a crack. ;o)



I didn't notice that site ever being inaccessible.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

It's quite possible. I've identified a couple of things that went wrong in the move; subsequently still seeing some intermitten issues and I'm struggling to find where the heck they are. :|


I've notices that this site hardly ever loads at the first try. I tried to lookup, and it took 4.6 seconds on one occasion, which is surprisingly slow.


Quote from: uci on March 05, 2018, 02:38:45 PM still inaccessible from my internet provider! 
When troubleshoot I get the message:
"DNS server may be experiencing problems"


I get ''s server IP address could not be found' but if I refresh that page it loads the site.


I don't see anything obviously wrong this time, except that that the site can't be found on the first try most of the time. I do find it odd that the two name servers and the site itself is on the same IP, but odd is not necessarily the same as wrong, and everything seems to work as it should when under inspection.

Remembered to do an nslookup before visiting the forum for the first time today. It timed out.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I've been working on this ever since the server move. I have found various things wrong - I.... don't have a list of what on what day, alas.

Most recently, I opened a ticket with cPanel because it seemed that the old IP was appearing in various places, but it appears as of today that was only true in old log files.

They also mentioned the slow lookup and suggested that it might clear up in 48 hours propagation, which........ doesn't really make sense, but I'm weak on DNS skills. grr.

I'm opening a ticket with NameCheap to see if they can see anything on their end.

edit: Nope, but I didn't realize there were dns zones for and 'A' records in there were wrong; corrected now. D'oh!


It finally starts to work on my side. I was tired of using a proxy just to visit the forum in the past several days.

Thanks Isaac!


I had no problem at all from Japan in the last week.


I had intermittent connectivity problems this last week. Most of the time the site would work but other times it would fail to connect, usually during the early morning in Europe (7AM-9AM).


I've had no problems in the last 24 hours. I usually only had problems in the morning as well, but that may be because by then, my local DNS server had removed the entry from the previous morning from its cache.