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Shipyard and Floating Dock in different water areas

Started by imsei, June 22, 2018, 01:12:13 PM

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Playing with Pak128.German v0.10.4, I found that there is no way to complete the industry chain when shipyard and floating dock are (accidentally?) generated in different water areas.
What's worse is that the industry chain topped by Floating Dock is huge so that you will have a map full of halted factories.
It's sad. )-;



Exist more than one way:

- canals
- edit the ground to connect the water areas
- change to public player, delete the shipyard or the floating dock and set a new one near the other swimming factory. Don´t forget to connect the new factory with contracts to all needed supplier.

- for experienced users: create this truck as a new simutrans-object ;):


I have the same Problem.

First, dig a trench. From the sea as far as possibles.
I do not want to destroy the high speed track.
There is a need for a tunnel.

Yes the ship sections fits. The Tunnel is bigger as it looks.

In open terrain you can dig a canal again.
But the airport and a big city block the way. Here again only a tunnel helps

We continue in the underground.

We are lucky, in the middle of the city springs a river. This can be expanded as a channel without demolishing houses

Upstairs, can you see the tunnel portal? No?

I hide the houses. :D

continued ...


Tunnel for ships exist not before next version, I think :).


[EN] Hello you can give me the Pak of the tunnel for water

[DE] Hallo kannat du mir den Pak des Tunnes für Wasser angeben !

[EN/DE] uwe


- only the .pakfile, without sources
- it´s from my testfiles, parameters (costs) maybe will not the same, as in next version of our pakset
- compiled with makeobj version 60.2, but didn´t know which ST-version you need at least