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Author Topic: World of Mounterl (real game)  (Read 1409 times)

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World of Mounterl (real game)
« on: June 30, 2018, 07:04:19 PM »
Mounterl is much bigger than the map bellow, but we will only focus in the nations with a transport network. The main nations are: Kingdom of Ellbor and it's vassal Wallditch (not on the map, but you can see the city of Wallditch- the near cities belong to this vassal), Wessexter and Anglia. Both monarchies.

This game started in 1830 and I am now in 1892. The first company was NN - National Network, followed by AC - Anglia Company and WGR - Wessexter Great Railways and WER - Wallditch East Railway.
NN is the bigger and prosperous company and the oldest. This great and renowned company operates the Express trains, one of them the 'Great Express' from Anglia to Low Cogborough, the biggest city.

These companies only transport passengers, although NN tried in the 1880's enter the goods market, without success. Nowadays it transports a very small quantity of foods, paper, wood and books.

I'll also add photographs of these regions and more history :D  ;)
EDIT : you can't see Wallditch city, but is the eastern city South-east of Low Cogborough near the map border.