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slow sycronzation

Started by kittens45, July 02, 2018, 08:55:15 PM

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server sycronation is very slow causing delays in track and structure building


Sorry what you are saying does not make much sense... You are either synchronized with the server, in which case you can play, or not in which case the server kicks you for being out of sync. Synchronization occurs immediately after both the server and client finishes loading the map. Synchronization will remain in effect until either the client leaves, or a game bug results in the client losing synchronization with the server and the server boots the client next checksum.

If you are saying that your client is suffering from lag with a server that points to a network performance problem. If the client is suffering from increasing lag (takes increasing amounts of time for actions to occur) then the client hardware is too slow to run the server game and is constantly falling further and further behind the server.