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How to compile for Pak128.Sweden-Ex? & How to load add-ons in Pak128.Sweden-Ex?

Started by emirkir, July 05, 2018, 09:29:56 AM

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I wonder how I should compile stuff for this pakset. I read jamespetts tutorial in the Britain-pak, but that made me more confused.
I found no parameter.mos and couldn't edit any makeobj file...

I have downloaded makeobj-extended and I have the png's and dat's. How do I continue now?
Is it: cmd > cd (to folder where all files is) > (run command) makeobj-extended pak128.Sweden-Ex

Or is it done some other way?




I did like this: (I didn't understand what I was meant to do from the tikiwiki)
Placed all dat's and png's in the makeobj-folder, and run this on cmd (command prompt):
cd Documents > cd makeobj-extended > makeobj-extended pak128
This showed up as result:
Makeobj version 60.0 for simutrans 120.2.1 Extended Nightly development build 13.0 and higher
writing individual files to ./
   reading file ./cst_interliner_s55.dat
   writing file ./vehicle.CST_Interliner_S55.pak
      packing vehicle.CST_Interliner_S55
   reading file ./cst_interliner_s55_rear.dat
   writing file ./vehicle.CST_Interliner_S55_Rear.pak
      packing vehicle.CST_Interliner_S55_Rear

And there were pak files in the folder.

But, I can't load these into Simutrans Extended pak Sweden. The vehicle didn't show up, (yes I changed to the year it was introduced.)
Usually I recieve this prompt: Load with add-ons or Load pak128 (in Simutrans standard)
but now I only recieved: Choose pakset Britain or Sweden.

How to get it to work?

PS. One hundred posts anniversary!!! :D



You can copy the pak files directly to the /Pak128.Sweden-Ex/ folder located in the program directory.

Or save them in the folder /addons/Pak128.Sweden-Ex/
This must be kept under the program folder (single user) or in the home folder (multiuser - standard program start) under simutrans.


And not in the add-on folder in the Simutrans folder in documents?



Quote from: emirkir on July 05, 2018, 09:30:02 PM
And not in the add-on folder in the Simutrans folder in documents?

documents is in home folder by Windows