Make Simutrans speak your language. DNS trouble

Started by ACarlotti, July 29, 2018, 10:54:51 AM

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 I have been having ongoing trouble with DNS lookup for for a while (probably a month or two), whereby one of the sets of DNS servers that I use wouldn't return an IP address. (When something similar occurred in the past, possibly for a different site, it was because those DNS servers were less permissive in passing on invalid answers).

Since last night (starting between 17:16 and about 21:00 UTC) I have been unable to resolve from any of my usual DNS servers.

I am currently accessing this forum by manually specifying the address in /etc/hosts, which I could find via an web-based DNS lookup tool using a server in Russia (I then also recognised the IP from investigating my problems in the past). I would not be surprised if this post goes unread until the DNS configuration is at least partly fixed.

Ters worked for me, except that the login form goes to, but at least that allowed be to set up etc/hosts.

A few days ago, someone reported that the nameservers for were configured wrong. However, this seems to affect in general.


I have no trouble accessing, and have never observed problems with


Accessing works fine, it is just that when trying to log in, I get sent to, which doesn't work (unless I put a workaround in etc/hosts).

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I think there was (was? is?) an issue at NameCheap. Several days ago I updated ns for a number of domains under my control (personal, business, simutrans) from ns[1-2] to ns[1-2] because I'm trying to trim up how much money I'm wasting on domains.

For some reason, bluebonnetserver was still showing after a few days - and it took me a while to catch it. It has also been reported by at least one other person here, if not a couple. And this thread.

Yesterday I changed the servers for which showed pc2 at the registrar but bluebonnetserver at google/cloudflare (I like doing a dig on those two since it's easy to remmber - and So I changed them to Nameserver's default, then back to pc2.

That somehow seems to have allowed all the "stuck" bluebonnet to update to pc2....... but simutrans now digs to namecheap's default.

So........ I'm going to open a ticket with Namecheap on it and try changing them again.

EDIT: The update from yesterday didn't take for some reason, but it is now correctly set, so we await propagation now to fix.