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Questions about roads

Started by accord2, August 09, 2018, 02:47:49 PM

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1. How do I do double lane avenues inside towns? the city halls keeps connecting both lanes where I do not want to.
2. How avoid highways being replaced by city roads? Shouldn't there be walls/fences?

Thank you :)
Son of a railroad man,  growing up in train stations, lover of trains


Remember that you are playing as a private transport company, not as the town council, so you do not get to control how the town decides to organise its road infrastructure (unless you switch to the public player, in which case, you can disable automatic town growth and place town buildings and roads yourself).
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There's a fence plugin for pak128 at snfos page. However you can use the cheapest rail track instead. It will protect your motorway but take one more tile in width on both sides.


Thanks. The Railtrack will probably look unrealistic. I will just disable town growth. That way the historic buildings will stay :D
Son of a railroad man,  growing up in train stations, lover of trains