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New Thunder Server Open!

Started by DThunder518, August 19, 2018, 09:19:18 PM

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I've setup a new server!

The old game which started back January and saw a fare share of play is still running on port 13354. I'll eventually reset that game and put the save file on the website.

This new game has a much more interesting map and some narrow gauge rail addons. The server is currently listed in the announcement server.

Game server:
Web site:
PAK File:



I started a new company "Vladivostok Electric" on this server. This is my first multiplayer game. I didn't know how to start a new company, so I followed the directions on the server's home page ( When I needed to set my password, I clicked the green button but it didn't work. I closed and reopened the Players window, then the green button worked.

This is also my first game with narrow gauge trains. I bought some coal trains, but by accident, I picked the coal wagons that float above the track:

The pak seems to have 2 styles of narrow-gauge trains. My engine and tracks use the big style, but my wagons use the small style, so the wagons look too small to fit on the track.

When the track crosses a road, the tracks don't line up, because the track in the road uses the small style. In the crossing, my wagons fit on the track, but my engine looks too big to fit on the track.