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pak64 graphics coordination

Started by colonyan, April 03, 2009, 05:32:42 PM

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   I just made a brief visit to old forum archive and saw many thread about pak64.
   Since we are in new forum, I guess we can use this thread to

   -Discuss what type of buildings are needed
   -Possible improvement on existing buildings
   -General Direction & etc

   As side note, I found that too much graphic unification of graphic style tend to get the viewr to
   boredom faster than mixture of slightly different styles. Obviously, uniform style looks nice.
   But as of variation point, mixture stand out. And it was my personal opinion.


The pak64 will not get much extension. Some historical buildings are not what they could be and some industrial buildings are missing. Other than that I consider pak64 as stable.

The vehicles are a much worse playground, quite a few still have wrong diagonal lengths or there are too few of their type for timeline games.