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Vehicle Manager

Started by Ves, September 07, 2018, 12:40:28 AM

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Thank you for your suggestions!

Quote from: Ranran on January 21, 2020, 10:50:15 PMIMO, the border of the frame seems a little confusing.
How about making the center selector on the left the same background color as the image below?
Apparently, this turns out to not be very easy. I would need to draw a square behind the entire thing, but this turned out to be much harder than anticipated. It interfered with the scrolled list, making clipping errors and what not. Also there where problems with aligning the background with the scrolled list, not having it overlap. As far as I understand, the list-function, which is used by the line list you display, have all this built in already.
I agree, however, that it could perhaps be beneficial to have another color, so perhaps I can do it in the future using some other approach.

Quote from: Ranran on January 21, 2020, 10:50:15 PMSecondly, if the roles are exactly the same, using the same words in the other dialog will save the translator effort.
For example, show_obsolete_vehicles: is probably the same as "Show obsolete" in the depot dialog.
Oh those darn translations.... There are so many old translations in this game that has been made to fit a specific spot, and I try to keep them all if possible. Sometimes I have had to make the same word or rephrase the same translation (for instance if there are alot of variables also translated with the translated text). Thanks for pointing out this case, though.

Quote from: DrSuperGood on January 21, 2020, 11:01:36 PMLooking good. Although there is a list of space between entries in the list that could be trimmed down to improve information density.
Thanks, I aim to have around one linespace of separation between the entries.

I am working on the feature to select multiple desc's, and the feature as such is now implemented in the window.
A subfeature of that, and rather the main reason for being able to select multiple desc's at all, is that I would like to list vehicles with fixed couplings together in the same entry. That would mean that a steam engine would be listed along with its tender, because the connection between the two are fixed. Of corse there will be buttons to separate that and list all vehicles individual.
This would also enable us to show entire multiple unit sets as a single entry, and hopefully the player will be able to have a better overview over what DMU's and EMU's he has and how they are configured.
I would also like to display this for unbuilt vehicles, so that the player can get an overview of what complete DMU's and EMU's he can buy, but here it starts to get tricky:

If we list every available combination of a set, it might turn into alot of combinations, if not unlimited!
Also, many combinations would be with the same vehicles, just arranged different, so it would essential be the same convoy.
For sets where the same vehicle can appear more than once, there is theoretical an unlimited amounts of combinations.

Therefore, this would have to be dummed down slightly, to not be so overwhelming:
1) - I would suggest that for unbuilt sets, we only combine and display a set if there is a new different vehicle, not just the same ones rearranged.
2) - Then I am not sure, but I think I would suggest that a vehicle is only allowed once in a set, even though it can exist many times when you actually build the convoy. Alternatively two or three copys of the same vehicles could be allowed.

With those two rules, I think this should be possible while still making sense. I am not sure about the second rule, but without it I see no practical solution to the "infinite convoy" problem. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on the matter?