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lack of early content

Started by AndynoSK, February 24, 2013, 11:13:04 AM

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I just want to ask if its working on early content ? Because in pak128 I can choose to start from year 1720 but its useless because there are no vehicles and not even depots .  I liked on pak.64 (pak.old) that there I can start from year 1400 and with early business .
This is the only bad side of pak.128 what I see .


Hello AndynoSK
Welcome here in Forum.
The pak128 it before 1930 still under development in moment.
And the pak64 have from 1850 until 1880 by the railway missing vehicles.
pak128 german it a unfinished pakset too.
Pak128.britain it in moment only the pakset that from 1750 can be start.
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