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Compilation error when compiling

Started by ceeac, October 31, 2018, 08:28:37 AM

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in line 346 there's this:

* Hier sind die Basisfunktionen zur Initialisierung der
* Schnittstelle untergebracht
* -> init,open,close

which is a compilation error (the S should be removed). Apparently, nobody has tried compiling the OpenGL backend in more than 2 years...


It is rather stupid anyway. The SDL2 backend seems to have fixed whatever problems it somehow managed to work around and should be preferable to this bastard of a backend. (I can call it that, because I made the core of it once.)


Just to make it clear, the OpenGL back end does not use hardware acceleration to speed up the game drawing the screen. It only uses OpenGL as a presentation layer to display the software drawn screen. Hence SDL2 is preferable as it does the same task and more.


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