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Request: Christmas picture for the Simutrans facebook page

Started by Leartin, December 16, 2018, 01:15:07 PM

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Yonatan asked me to start a contest for a new Group Picture on the Simutrans facebook page. However, within 8 days I don't think there is time for an actual contest including a vote, chances are we would be happy to get any image at all ;)

So if you feel like creating a nice, wintery screenshot for the season, at least 820x430 px, please post them here. If there are more then one, unless there is a strong opinion from the community, Yona-TYT will decide which to use.
(if nobody else does it, I will, but then we get another p192c-screenshot, and that pakset is kind of overrepresented on that site already. Come on, I know there are creative people around :) )



*not a real game, but self created addons from the last years*
bonbons are ground objects
christmas tree is a curiosity
santa is a railcar
elevated track and rail station are advertising for our next version :P

The red one will win, hm?


Today the deadline expires, so it's time to decide what the Christmas cover will be.  8)