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Norm & Service Penury

Started by colonyan, May 14, 2009, 06:12:45 PM

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   Two rules to encourage higher service quality.
   NORM(or service quota)
   We could set norm for each service category(passenger/mail/good).
   Any amount of service under the norm does not contribute to city growth.
    Suppose cityA created 100 potential passenger at a given month.
    If norm was set to 50% and player managed to serve 75 passengers to make the departure,
    player would get 50% of maximum potential growth from passenger service.
    100-(100*0.5)=50 // growth scale from 50~100. 75 is at 50%(halfway) between 50~100.
     <1>Allows desired players to control city growth all the way keeping his/her service.
     <2>Encourages players to aim for higher service quality(more departure, good served)
    (of course norm of 50% being high and chosen for example purpose)
    (this norm may be dependent on timeline config)
    (calculation can be other method)

   Service Penury (and its penalty, aka city shrink)
   We can assume cities being independent, but as time goes, they start requiring some basic public transportation.
   They should lose its inhabitant if they seems to not getting the minimum service for long enough.
   Not only the unconnected city but connected city with too much interrupted service should suffer the penalty.

     First, city check for how long it is not getting any service at all for each service category(pass/mail/good).
     If that period has passed without any service, it gets in to the shrink cycle(again, for each service category).
     If city still does not get service at the end of first cycle, it finally loses its population. Shrinking amount depend
     on the size of city. Bigger the city, it needs more public transit. Maybe all shrinking should stop at
     some percentage of its very initial population count at the creation of the map from avoiding it to become
     single town hall village.
     (all these check period, shrink cycle period and shrink percentage preferably be controlled with a timeline config...)
      <1>This is my taste but ST need some penalty aspect of this kind. Simply, bad performance means penalty.
      <2>Offers more challenge aspect and new situation.

   I believe also that beginners don't need to be aware of this, since principle is the same. "More service is better".
   I'm highly interested what you think of this game behavior. Critics welcomed.

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