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Found a bug in PAK128.german v1.0 ?

Started by michelstadt, December 28, 2018, 02:46:25 PM

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... Then post it here.
Thanks for your help.


Hi!  Congrats for the new achievement.  This isn't really a bug, but the link in isn't updated to point to the v1.0.


Thanks for the hint, we will update the link.



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Emil Sawicki

Primo: it's about Frankfurt Offenbacher Trambahn. Can't consist Triebwagen (motor car) with Beiwagen (trailer) like T+B, it's only possible as B+T or T+B+T.

Secundo: not a bug, idea rather. Will it be possible in further issues of pakset to consist tramway of passenger motor car with post car? It would be perfect for small networks.
Simutrans 123, Windows 10


We will change that (Frankfurter Trambahn). Meanwhile it does not prevent players from using those vehicles. But it is an unusual combination indeed.

A combined tram vehicle for passengers and mail should be possible, seems to be a good idea.