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Speed bonus config ?

Started by Iluvalar, December 09, 2018, 05:05:11 AM

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Hello, I'm back on simutrans after a long break and obviously I downloaded my pakset (the only pakset with a competitive balance i know).

It seem that the speed bonus calculation have changed since i made the pak ? As i recall it, the speed bonus given was set on the minimum between the speed of the vehicle and the speed of the road. Now it seem much more complex and based on the actual maximum speed (with the weight of the freight, the lenght of the road and the power of the engine influencing the result)

In perspective, I do like the change but it's the one on which my pakset was built on. Is there any options to fall back on the previous behavior ?

thank you.


Now, if you overload your trains too much, so that they cannot even theoretically reach their maximum speed, then this speed is used. And before the maximum speed of the convoi was the only entry, now also the maximum speed of the track (if low) enters. But here each tile enters, so if only part are slow, their impact is limited as well.

If you played normally, nothing will change. If you used a T3 with 15kW to pull 24 cars (and ignored when thez arrived) or forced a Br03 to 55kM/h on sand track, then you will indeed see a severe impact. If you have optimised you network for fast delivery and used the right track for each vehicle, no change will occur.


I think buses are badly affected by this, probably in all pak sets, but at least pak64. They no longer get speed bonus, because they can't reach their maximum speed of 100 km/h in cities. The game ensures that the roads eventually get capped at 50 km/h, and cities are the only place where buses makes sense.


There is the bonus_basefactor setting which if set to 1000 effectively disables the speed penalty.
No setting to use the old logic which considered only the vehicles top speed as configured in .dat.  The old logic did not consider speed of road as you recalled.


I remember vividly seeing my fleet maximum speed going down from 47 to 44 after the city grow on the road they were using. I also remember clearly one of my entire convoy taking another road for a trip on a slower road and losing a ton in speed bonus. I pretty sure the road had an impact.

I'm using my own pak (pak-ilu) posted on this forum. It balanced every vehicle from pak64, german and pak128 by a robot. It mathematically guarantee that every vehicle that are slow to accelerate are now broken with this new speed calculation... which is extremely bad.

If there is no options for this, what are my options ? What was the latest version of the game that doesnt have the speed change ?


'new' logic was added in r4916, 7 years ago. So last release without would be 111.0

Slow to accelerate doesn't matter, whatever speed it's capable of eventually reaching is what counts; It never needs to actually do so. However it can't be limited by slow roads either as you've observed, but that change was 7 years ago...


Thank you very much. From what was said here, I get that the problem is not slow accelerating vehicles but max speed due to heavy payload.

Ideally i should fix that, but i don't have my source folders anymore. Is there anyway i could unpak the goods files in order to divide the weight by about 3 and paking it again ?


I'm not aware of any automated way to unpak a pak file, so I think the easiest thing will be the edit the pak files manually. You could do this with any binary or hex editor, and the source code in descriptor/reader/ and descriptor/writer/ will tell you what order the fields are in, and how big each one is.


When starting with lig debug 3, simutrans prints many details on the files loaded on the command line. However, good files are so simple, just rewriting them by hand is not too much work either.


I assume the graphics is the hard part. One could just let the vehicle drive around in Simutrans and take screenshots from every direction, but there is still much work to be done to get back to dat+png.


You can make a pak with a single color background and then drive it in a circle there. Or use makeobj with the recover image patch from the SVN.