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Can't conect to server (Pak error diy1)

Started by something nice, March 15, 2019, 04:02:35 PM

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something nice

Hello simutrans community,

I hope you can help me out!
I set up a simutrans server on Windows Server 2012, it's basically a normal running game in server mode. It's running Version 120.3 r8504 via Steam. (It's the only version that is supported on both Mac and Windows, so there is no option for me to upgrade to 102.4). As you can see in the screenshot below, I run 120.3 r8504 on both the Windows Server and my Macbook (Mac OS Sierra 10.12, Simutrans 120.3 r8504 via Steam) and I'm trying to play Pak192.comic. It does work with Pak192.comic Version 0.4.1, but that's a pretty old build and I prefer to play V0.5.
When I download the V0.5 pakset from sourceforge (actually the exact same folder for Win and Mac) and start up the server and my client it tells me that the paksets aren't the same.
As you can see in the screenshot, it's pak192.comic nightly-r717 on both ends, but Mac is missiong an object "diy1". What is this object and why is it missing on Mac while it seems to be there on Windows even if it's the exact same pakset folder???

Can someone please help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance, and best regards
something nice


I suggest trying the official release. The steam version is a separate branch that is meant to be pulling changes to keep in sync with the official releases. I am guessing the person who maintains it is a bit busy at the moment, hence why it is slightly behind.

I think the current nightly might solve this, or at least help to. If a pakset declared duplicate data records (same key name declared twice) then the result was that the data record used by the game was whichever was in the file returned earliest by the OS file system. Windows, Linux and Mac enumerate files in different orders, likely due to differences in partition format, and so such paksets with duplicate records would mismatch between operating systems. Now a warning error will be thrown when this is the case, allowing one to inform the pakset developer to fix the problem.

The Mac Simutrans build is also poorly maintained at the moment. Although Mac support is desired, I do not think any developers actively use Mac as a development platform and so it is possible that subtle errors are introduced that are not detected for long periods.


diy1 is a "do it yourself"-market, an end consumer in a factory chain. I remember there was an issue with it, but I don't quite remember what it was. As a simple fix, you could just delete it, with the only drawback that it wouldn't exist anymore - not exactly game-changing ;)

something nice

Thanks for your help guys!
Deleting the diy (now that I know what it is :)) fixed the problem indeed  :thumbsup:

I will try the stable versions without steam too, but for now I'm happy with the steam setup, just for a small group of friends it's fine.
If we experience a lot of fun and want to continue, maybe we set up a real server to join for the public, and while doing so we would see what version we can use for best experience, but that's a long way to go, as we don't have much experience with that and not that much time also ;)