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Author Topic: Coupling constraint packet barge(1802) paddle river tug(1816)  (Read 5205 times)

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In 1802 packet barge becomes availiable which can be used at up to 17 km/h but the only way to move it is by a 7 km/h boat horse.
In 1816 wooden paddle river tug becomes availiable which can travel up to 15 km/h and is used to move the also newly introduced cargo barges but not the way older packet barge.
I don't know much about british transport history so I don't know if these were combined in reality but shouldn't it be technically possible to use this combination?

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Re: Coupling constraint packet barge(1802) paddle river tug(1816)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 11:04:45 AM »
Thank you for the reports. May I ask when reporting in future please post reports of pakset issues in the pakset forum rather than the general development forum. Doing this makes it much easier for me to keep track of (and thus fix) the problems. Thank you.

Turning to the actual issues, as to no. 1, this is correct: the practice of hauling boats at high speeds on canals was not invented until the 1830s: see purl=]here. In at least some cases, the technique could be retrospectively applied to existing boats.

As to no. 2, the only barges that can be hauled by this tug are barges specifically designed to work with the tug (the tug barges). There were no passenger tug barges so far as I am aware.