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Extend Show station coverage

Started by shingoushori, January 03, 2019, 06:10:23 PM

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Let me introduce the extension of  "Show station coverage", which is I made.

This video is the demonstration.

With this extension, new filtering modes are available.
・Goods : none(current), All(current), Passagiere, Post, Fracht
・Player : all players(current), active player, nonactive player, the main station, multi access
* the main station : Only the owner of the station which is the first choice of each tile is shown
* multi access : Only tiles covered with multi station will be shown

That's convenient at time of making plan of new station location, or  checking correctness of the player's station placing.
So this extension will encourage strategic side of Simutrans playability.

I hope you like it. Thanks for reading.


The tool is useful, but the GUI is already overloaded. As it stands there is quite some danger a none-expert is stuck with an unusable setting.

I am not sure how to make this better. Maybe an independent tool to show the coverage under the mousebutton with all these filter options, but not a cycle through but rather as obvious choices in comboboxes and buttons in a setting dialogue.

Having said that, the only active player setting is probably still an option which I would add to the current UI as a box. Even if selected, a beginner will not be confused.

But I would like to hear more options. In principle I can understand the need for such a tool in more developed games,


Woohoo!! this is extremely useful.

It is caused by another bug but, "coverage of the main station" does not display the correct coverage when select station_coverage_goods_label in some case.
The overlapped tiles are overwritten by the attribute of the nearest station. Sometime displayed unnatural small range that are scraped off and become small.
Check here.


I tried converting this patch for Extended for now.
(´・ω・`)Check it if you are interested in? my Github branch


Quote from: prissi on January 04, 2019, 01:35:24 PM
But I would like to hear more options.

Honestly, the menu could do with an overhaul in general.

While everything in the display setting does somewhat relate to something shown on the screen, it does seem a bit off sometimes; and there are many things that are not available during gameplay, but should.

1.) A "menu" menu. This would be for all display settings outside the playable are. From the current display menu, this would be theme, font,  scroll-speed and scroll-inverse. Furthermore, this could contain settings like "player_finance_display_account" and "compass_screen_position". Maybe the languages could be here as well, since they could be a combobox (but keep the graphic so it's easily recognized).
2.) A "gameplay" menu. This would be to change some game settings which we know don't destroy saves, for easier access to players. From the current display menu, "citycar_level" could go here. "random_pedestrians" don't (currently) have influence on gameplay, so I'm not sure about them. Would it be hard to implement an option where cars on the same tile as pedestrians have to slow down to 30, just to justify it being in there?
As far as what else could go in there... I don't know what's considered save, and what isn't, but could be made save. Autosave, fast forward speed, numbered stations?
3.) a "display" menu. It currently has 28 lines. 5-7 are already gone to other dialogs now, and I think the rest can be made a bit more intuitive.
First, remove the "transparent instead of hidden"-option and incorporate it in comboboxes.
Trees: [Normal | Minimized | Transparent | None]
Citybuilding: [Normal | Hidden | Transparent ]
Other Building: [Normal | Transparent | None]
Groundobjects: [Normal | Hidden | Transparent]

"None" would not draw those objects at all, since they are not really gameplay relevant.
"Groundobjects" are just an addition to show that this menu can easily be expanded. Eg. seperate public and player buildings.

As for the new station coverage, I'd go with:
Station Coverage: [None | Dots | Transparent]
Show [All | Pax | Mail | Freight]
of [Everyone | Me | Others | Overlap]

Which seems quite reasonable to me.

"show station names" should btw. go  to the menu, since it does not just affect stations, but all labels.

And for good measure: "Player" and "Player color" should be combined to one menu, where you would be able to change the colors of each unlocked player, rather than just the color of the active player. (Just for convenience - this would mean that there is the same number of menus with all changes)