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Author Topic: Error clicking on vehicle within cargo area or at bus stops (PAK 128 2.8.1)  (Read 1504 times)

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When a vehicle is at some point, whether it is carrying merchandise, catching passenger or any other, when it is within the point I can not click on it and see its status (such as the amount of passengers, such as the option to send it to the depot .. .), but the vehicles behind, which are not within the point I can click.
Has anyone had it or do you know how to solve it?

Offline ACarlotti

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When you say 'point', do you mean things like stations, etc.? If so, then the first click on that tile will open the station window (or whatever window applies to the location. Clicking again (without closing the station window) will then open the dialog for the train. You can open all windows that might apply to a tile by clicking repeatedly (without closing any of the windows previously opened).

If you mean something different, then it would be helpful if you could upload a screenshot showing the situation you describe.

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If you hold down Ctrl, it will cycle through all the vehicles first, then the stops.

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... and even without ctrl you can click several times to cycle through all clickable objects on the tile.