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[Bug] 1820s printwork seems to be missalligned

Started by Sirius, August 26, 2019, 07:08:39 AM

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I have a strange looking paintwork on my map.
I expect it to be a misaligned image and will have a deeper look at this on my own to fix this.

So far, there is no action required from your side, I just created this thread to show that the bug is known and being worked on.

Oh well it seems whoever created the dat already knows about it
# TODO: These graphics are broken. Fix them.
# (This is not easy, as the .blend for this is missing)

I can confirm this is not easy as these graphics tiles are not only misaligned but nearly completely empty.
As this only affects rotation 2 on snowy grounds and given that it is nearly impossible to reproduce these graphics in a consitently looking way without the blend files, I guess it's the best to simply use rotation 0 graphic tiles for this.



Thank you both for that. I am not fond of the idea of using rotation 0 graphics, but this seems better than the alternative in the picture above, so I have applied this hotfix.
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